The Classical Riding Club - Founded by Sylvia Loch in 1995.
A self-help networking Club promoting "Harmony in Horsemanship"

About The Club...

Twenty years old this year, the Classical Riding Club has become a global force in the promotion of humane, logical and correct riding methods especially in dressage.

By joining CRC you have allowed us to Make a Difference to riders and horses everywhere. But - there is much work still to do. We can only continue to spread the word with your support.

If you are not already a Member - join us today!

Buy Tickets for the CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Event - Available Now
Buy tickets for The CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Event

What Has CRC Achieved?

  • Been the first to promote Classical Riding on a worldwide scale
  • Reclaimed the Classical Principles for the Horse
  • Helped stamp out Abuse and discredited the use of force
  • Made Classical Teaching and Training inclusive and available to all
  • Made ‘classical’ a buzz word on forums and social media
  • Provided an Ethos and Vision for the future

Ambassadors of CRC


Carl Hester MBE
Dressage Trainer and Olympic Gold Medallist

Desi Dillingham MBE
Former Chair of BD and President of the BHS.

Joanna Lumley OBE
Actress and Campaigner

melanie reid100 x 150

Melanie Reid  (The Times)
Award-winning writer & columnist.

Some highlights from the past 20 years


Training for a classical seat.


CRC Anniversary Event 2005


CRC Dressage Competition