“101 Horsemanship Exercises Ideas for Improving Groundwork & Ridden Skills” by Rio Barrett reviewed By Catherine Boyle

As someone brought up in the ‘classical’ way, it was a challenge to read 101 Horsemanship Exercises written by a ‘natural horsemanship’ authoress but obviously coming from a similar perspective of wanting the very best for ones horse. To my surprise I really did not find too many differences in the approach and was pleased    Continue Reading »

“A Classical Schooling Guide” by Michael Stevens reviewed by Werner Poscharnigg

“There is more to loving a horse than throwing one’s arms around his neck and kissing him on the nose,” states Michael J. Stevens in his “Classical Schooling Guide”. If you agree and you are looking for an honest, straightforward book without redundancies and talkativeness, either for yourself or a friend, this is the right    Continue Reading »

“Austrian Art of Riding” by Werner Poscharnigg reviewed by Claire Whitfield

Werner Poscharnigg takes you on a journey, bringing to life the history of Austrian riding. The reader is captivated from the first paragraph. An unexpected introduction that takes you on an invigorating exploration of the history of Austro-Hungarian equestrian tradition. The author gives readers like myself, eager to know more about the history of equitation,    Continue Reading »

Austrian Art of Riding by Werner Poscharnigg, Published by Xenophon Press, 2015 – Reviewed by Michael Stevens

This book traces the history of horse riding in Austria over a period of five centuries, beginning right back in the age of chivalry when everyone was taught to ride and horses were used in tournaments. It covers both military and school riding and explains how these two branches of equestrianism were linked. It finishes    Continue Reading »

“A book that changed my life” – A personal tribute to Sylvia Loch by Giovanni Battista Tomassini

It seems that nowadays we read less and less. Or rather, it seems we read fewer and fewer books. The crisis of this powerful means of communication is now supported by a thousand statistics. For most people, it seems that they are bombarded with too many messages to find the time to devote themselves to    Continue Reading »

New Book Release – Austrian Art of Riding by Werner Poscharnigg

Such excitement! I had written my Foreword… For AUSTRIAN ART OF RIDING … (one of three) …my good friend Charles de Kunffy, being another… and I had seen a proof. But – there’s nothing quite like opening a brand new book based on a subject close to your heart, and knowing it’s now out there!    Continue Reading »


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