The Duchess of Roxburghe

“I am a keen supporter of all equestrian disciplines and have a huge love and admiration of the horse. I have been lucky enough to live near Sylivia Loch in the Scottish Borders and seen at first hand her wonderful Classical Riding Club demonstrations at Ladykirk. An inspiration to all that have watched them. The    Continue Reading »

Carl Hester MBE

Dressage Trainer and Olympic Gold Medallist “I think the Classical Riding Club has an important role to play in bringing riders to understand the ethics and biomechanics of good riding…. also to appreciate the work of the Masters, past and present. It is a great way of bringing people together who really love their horse and want do    Continue Reading »

Joanna Lumley OBE

Actress and Campaigner ‘As a very old friend of the Loch family I am 100 per cent behind Sylvia’s work with the Classical Riding Club.  I think that kindness and light hands in EVERYTHING is the way forward with people and animals and especially with highly trained, sensitive horses. I see the CRC as a very    Continue Reading »

Charles de Kunffy

Dressage Trainer, Author and Lecturer “Sylvia Loch, the great writer of highly acclaimed equestrian books, launched her Classical Riding Club in 1995. She has put thousands of riders in touch with each others and the great riding masters of past and present. Whatever level a rider works on schooling a horse or improving themselves, they    Continue Reading »

Melanie Reid

Award-winning writer & columnist for The Times “My life-long dream was to experience the simple delight of feeling at one with a happy, generous, well-schooled horse. I achieved a few tantalising moments, which never lasted long enough, but I have many more memories of frustrating hours being taught to force resistant horses into a fashionably    Continue Reading »

Desi Dillingham MBE

Chair of British Dressage 1997 to 2007 President of the BHS 2007 – 2011 Very involved over several years with the British Olympic Committee Desi is now acting as Special Advisor to Dressage Canada. “I first met Lord and Lady Loch in the early 1980’s and I loved riding their Lusitano stallions in Stoke by Clare,     Continue Reading »


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