Lady Sylvia Loch receives the Commander of the Order of Merit from Portuguese Ambassador Joao de Vallera, on behalf of the President of Portugal.

I know they say pictures speak a thousand words, but in this instance Sylvia I have decided to let the words of your supporters do the talking!  Abigail Stephanie Plaster Sylvia was a guiding light for me at a time when I believed in my heart and soul that there was another way to ride    Continue Reading »

Exclusive article on the Riders Seat published on Horsezone website this month.

So you have bought the dream horse! Now it’s time to focus on your riding and how to get the best out of your horse. World renowned equestrian Sylvia Loch, Founder of The Classical Riding Club and Author of many equestrian titles including The Balanced Horse, provides some insight as to the importance of the    Continue Reading »

2016 Global Dressage Visionary Award presented to Carl Hester

Congratulations to Carl Hester on winning this award.  Personally it comes as no suprise, because for me Carl Hester has always been a rider of vision.  He not only sees what horses need from him as a trainer and rider, he feels it, and his empathy is immense.  He is a perfectionist as a rider    Continue Reading »

“A Classical Schooling Guide” by Michael Stevens reviewed by Werner Poscharnigg

“There is more to loving a horse than throwing one’s arms around his neck and kissing him on the nose,” states Michael J. Stevens in his “Classical Schooling Guide”. If you agree and you are looking for an honest, straightforward book without redundancies and talkativeness, either for yourself or a friend, this is the right    Continue Reading »

Letter published by Horse & Hound 28th Jan 2016

I was prompted to write this in repsonse to a small article called a Focus on Good Riding published by Horse & Hound on the 14th Jan. Sir, The announcement by the board of directors for the German Equestrian Federation seems somewhat late in the day (H&H 14 January). For the past 20 odd years,    Continue Reading »

Finally – recognition for ‘good riding’

I do believe the Classical Riding Club and other like-minded organisations are making a difference… About time. For 21 years – the CRC has been stressing the importance of the FEI dressage guidelines with the regret that these seemed, too often, to be ignored by judges and trainers alike.  Of particular concern was a disregard    Continue Reading »

“Anything we can do to make the horse more comfortable, we do” – Major Tavora Clinic Review

The Master, Major Miguel Tavora, quietly sits in the corner, observing horse and rider warming up before him. Now and again he gives the odd, short, crisp instruction before returning to silence whilst he watches on. Calling the rider over, he discovers what he needs to know before sending them away again, this time he    Continue Reading »

“A book that changed my life” – A personal tribute to Sylvia Loch by Giovanni Battista Tomassini

It seems that nowadays we read less and less. Or rather, it seems we read fewer and fewer books. The crisis of this powerful means of communication is now supported by a thousand statistics. For most people, it seems that they are bombarded with too many messages to find the time to devote themselves to    Continue Reading »

STUPENDOUS SERPENTINES – to Straighten your Horse

The serpentine is one of the best exercises to teach straightness to your horse. It should be introduced once the horse is going calmly forward, both out hacking and in the school, and can manoeuvre on big circles and corners without undue stress or difficulty. In the early days, I am talking here about large    Continue Reading »

New Book Release – Austrian Art of Riding by Werner Poscharnigg

Such excitement! I had written my Foreword… For AUSTRIAN ART OF RIDING … (one of three) …my good friend Charles de Kunffy, being another… and I had seen a proof. But – there’s nothing quite like opening a brand new book based on a subject close to your heart, and knowing it’s now out there!    Continue Reading »


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