Show him the way to stretch into your hand.

When you first ask your horse to stretch – as illustrated – show him the way by taking your upper body forward but also taking your hand forward, after that it’s just a question of low set, giving-forward, gently inviting hands while the legs continue to ask him to march on and seek the rein.    Continue Reading »

A moment to ponder

Following on from CRC’s policy of educating whilst refraining from immediate condemnation of this or that… here is a pic over which you may wish to ponder. I had just got on this horse whose owner had kindly agreed to be a ‘guinea-pig’ at one of my Demos a few years back, and being a    Continue Reading »

Bending through the poll

Just a little note: Some time ago a student asked me what I meant by retaining flexion through the horse’s poll even on a long or loose rein. I had asked her to do this while riding my stallion Prazer. Basically, she had flung the reins at him at the end of an exercise and    Continue Reading »

Another thought re outside rein…

The other day I commented on the lack of understanding about opening and closing the rein. I have found many riders laying the outside rein against the horse’s neck and being surprised when the horse moves in. Here in this pic, the rein is used intentionally against the horse’s neck to prepare for a small    Continue Reading »

How beautiful is the Horse’s neck?

One of the things I am forever saying at lectures, demos or the beginning of a riding lesson is – how beautiful is the horse’s neck! In a well muscled, fit body, it’s that part of their anatomy which immediately strikes you as being something quite special, unique, and magnificent, crowned as it is by    Continue Reading »

Do you look down on yourself when riding?

I wonder how many riders think of ‘looking down on themselves’ as they school or train…? I think of a corridor of aids and I’ve used this image in a lot of my books. I am also constantly checking my balance as I ride – ie equal weight in both seat bones on straight lines,    Continue Reading »

Outside rein, outside rein…

‘Outside rein, outside rein… What sins committed in your name? If only people knew the theory… Or students stopped to make a query… The horse’s life would be less dreary! And once again the horse be sane!’ Yes, the outside rein is very misunderstood. It is a wonderful aid for reducing a circle (as shown),    Continue Reading »

The absolute truth about how a horse should be!

You may have seen this photo before – I used it in one of my books – however, no apologies. I’m posting it to show how in so many ways it tells the absolute truth about how a horse should be! A good rider, has it within their means to preserve that natural carriage… we    Continue Reading »

Henry Wynmalen – A Talented Dutchman

As part of our studies concerning the theory of riding , I wonder how many of you have read or studied the work of Henry Wynmalen? This talented Dutchman, latterly based in England and a highly educated man , preached gentleness and tact at all times with his mainly TB horses. Much influenced by the    Continue Reading »

Good Manners

I do hope you like this picture, I know I do. It’s by John Ferneley Sr (1782 – 1860). But more than this …  … Please study the reins! This is how I’d always expect to see horses at a Meet or outside a show ring, or chatting to friends as one waits to set    Continue Reading »


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