Desi Dillingham MBE

Chair of British Dressage 1997 to 2007

President of the BHS 2007 - 2011

Very involved over several years with the British Olympic Committee

Desi is now acting as Special Advisor to Dressage Canada.

"I first met Lord and Lady Loch in the early 1980's and I loved riding their Lusitano stallions in Stoke by Clare,  Suffolk.  Lord Loch had at least 15 stallions all trained to High School level and it was a pleasure to watch such a master at work.
My background had been very much influenced by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, in that we rode in the Classical seat, albeit for the competition arena in eventing, showing and hunting. But nothing had prepared me for the Classical Approach.

Classic Dressage has no beginning and no end in that it is not judged - it is just the pursuit of unity and harmony between man and animal to its ultimate partnership.
I am delighted to be an Ambassador for the Classical Riding Club and support the work and dedication of the Doyen of the Classical Seat - Sylvia Loch."


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