Do you look down on yourself when riding?

I wonder how many riders think of 'looking down on themselves' as they school or train...? I think of a corridor of aids and I've used this image in a lot of my books. I am also constantly checking my balance as I ride - ie equal weight in both seat bones on straight lines, more weight into the inside seat bone on a circle or turn, etc.

Good Riding requires brain work and focus. This may become subliminal in time but I truly believe to ride well (and naturally) we have to be aware of how we impact on then horse. This means we are respectful of his balance and sensitive body at all times, in every movement.

I used this picture of British Olympic medallist Jennie Loriston-Clarke in The Classical Rider which to me shows the concentration required to ride a horse quietly and sensitively. Perhaps she too was visualising herself riding through a 'corridor' of the aids ... Provided by hands, thighs, knees, feet all pointing forward and in the same direction to enfold the horse and send him quietly through from behind.

Do these sort of images help you ? SL


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