Event Feedback

_DSC2131Jutta Holstein - it was my pleasure to be there and part of it. THANK YOU Sylvia Loch

Rosemary Brierly - Oh Sylvia, I can honestly say , that this was a brilliant day , loved all of the trainers and so glad to be there for this most special day! Thank you so much !! X

Tracey Sawyer - So pleased the celebration was so successful , a credit to your passion for inspiring and teaching less experienced riders to feel their horses x

Susan Monaghan -  I loved every second of this amazing day. Wish we could do it all again!! Thank you Sylvia xx

Elizabeth Kaufman - It was a great big dose of learning and inspiration for me. Thank you!

Anna Wedgwood - It was such a pleasure and a great privilege. Thank you

Sarah Houstoun - Your day was a resounding success. Many congratulations Sylvia for providing such a stimulating and worthwhile day. X

Ria Moss - Watching you ride was the icing on a fabulous cake Sylvia. It was a great event and your riding and teaching inspires all of us.

Judith Stokoe - It was a day to remember for all the right reasons. Loved every minute! X

Claire Whitfield - It was an incredible day, the atmosphere was like something I haven't experienced before at an event. So much was shared and learnt. Thank you Sylvia for making the day happen and for bringing these special trainers all together! We LOVED it!

Angela Drewett - Sylvia I loved you and Prazer, he entered like a star, full of charisma and was so up for it. He behaved like a pro. When you declined the head piece and said don't worry I can ride one handed and carry a mike. In Portugal they ride one handed in a double bridle all the time! I was completely mesmerised. You said you just need a finger vibration to turn on the (I think) snaffle rein and with that he turned. You made it look so simple. Then you proceeded to work like that and talk to the audience. Make no mistake you two were AMAZING. Because it was so spontaneous and unplanned I don't think you realised just how amazing you and Prazer were. But that is the art of dedication, hard work and becoming an expert in your field, the end result is you make it look simple.

Alison Garner - Sylvia Loch, you made the demo look so effortless, just like it should be. Having been lucky enough to ride your beautiful boy last year, I know how sensitive he is to all your aids, but one wrong move and you might get something unrequested so not as easy as you make it look. Credit to your partnership with him, the fact he is a stallion, but his concentration never wavered, loved his show off extentions at the end. Thankyou for all your work organising such an inspirational day. Still mulling over all the lessons learnt.

Caroline Carter - Thank you for a truly wonderful day. Do not think I have ever been to an event like this where the organisers and main persons appeared to be enjoying themselves so much and never have I seen a more engaged audience. Witnessed something very special. Thank you once again Desi and I had a fabulous time.

Angela Drewett  - Prazer sparkled with joy and pride, he was aware of everything around him and was completely at ease with it all, he was so attentive and never lost concentration. It was all very poetic and testament to his good training. He came across as such a happy boy. Such a pleasure to watch your connection with him.

Richard James - A testament to Sylvia's great connection with Prazer and her loving training. He was always a star in our eyes!

Derek Clark -Thank you very much to everyone involved with the 21st anniversary celebrations. It was great to watch so many highly experienced trainers under one roof and especially to see Sylvia Loch and Prazer having such a wonderful day

Sonia Steiner - It was an honour to be among so many masters. Thank you for your efforts.

Shelagh Coghlan - So proud to have been part of the CRC's 21st Anniversary Event yesterday - I cannot put into words how wonderful it was to see so many different Trainers showing how the classical approach can be applied to horses of every breed and at every level. The ultimate goal for me would be to aim for the beauty, lightness and joy achieved by Sylvia riding Prazer Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to all of us xxxx

Alison Kimber - It certainly was the most brilliant day. A very big Thank You to all those involved in making it happen !!

Lisa Buck - A huge thank you and massive congratulations to Sylvia for organising the Anniversary Event. The Trainers, so generous with their knowledge, the riders for being brave enough to ride in front of such a big audience and the horses for being so willing. Sylvia and Prazer's one handed demonstration had us all mesmerised so again, thank you Sylvia X

Judith Stockoe - A huge thank you to Sylvia for putting on the Crc 21st anniversary event. A fantastic event with top trainers who all share on goal, training for the good of the horse! All of them so approachable and keen to share their knowledge. Lovely to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. To all of those who were there keep spreading the word. And the star of the show... Prazer who did Sylvia proud! Thank you. X

Rebecca Brennand - Thank you to everyone who organised yesterday's fabulous 21st Celebration! It's was a fantastic day! Thank you to Sylvia for her great tips to help me and my boy and all the work she has done for classical dressage over the years! Amazing!

Andrea Pavet-Golding - We had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the 21st Anniversary Event. Lots to think about to help me along that incredible journey with my beautiful horse. Inspiring trainers and brave riders. Sylvia you were amazing with your horse (one handed too). Incredible watching the other riders on him and how he reacted to the inside leg being slightly to far forward etc. Very interesting. Thank you - I love CRC and what it stands for.

Sarah-Jayne Bowers - I just wanted to thank you again, Sylvia, for an amazing day. The opportunity to be part of such a fantastic celebration of horses, correct training and all you have achieved was very special, and Benito and I enjoyed our session with Uwe Spenlen very much.

Linda Kidby - Well done to all the riders who took part - it must have been very daunting riding in front of a large audience under the instruction of such renowned trainers. As a enthusiastic spectator I really appreciated the demonstrations.

Jo Birkbeck - A breath of fresh air!- A perfect description for today's demonstration. 5 fantastic, inspiring and passionate instructors, coming together with a common drive and goal- Training for the good of the horse.

Jo Green - What a perfect way to spend a day! Educational, entertaining and inspiring - can't wait to try and put all the fantastic teaching into practice. What a gem Colonel Christian Carde is! I could listen to him all day. Only wish we could have seen all the trainers ride some of the horses. Seeing how differently Prazer performed for his different riders was fascinating. Well done everyone who made this day possible!!

Vicky Armitage - Totally agree Absolutely fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you and all of the trainers. So informative and entertaining. Thank you Sylvia for creating this lovely club and all your hard work for horses and riders. Thank you to you and your team for organising and running such a wonderful day. Ps it was lovely seeing you and Prazer having such fun together! He was amazing.xx

Linda Lawrence - A truly fantastic and inspirational day. Thank you Sylvia and all who made it happen x

Vicky Slack - Was a super day with lots of learning, you all did amazingly 🙂, thank you all. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank in particular Lisa for being so brilliant in keeping me as calm as I could be and Shelagh for your help before getting my incredible opportunity to ride Prazer in Sylvia's demo. It was an honour to have been asked, he is a most wonderful horse who has a lot to teach me. Thank you Sylvia so much for asking me to take part, I will never forget this day, V x

Sarah Houstoun - Thank you very much Sylvia AND to your wonderful Team of helpers for hosting such an interesting day.  I'm so pleased my friends and I came to watch, listen and learn; it was well worth the terribly long journeys from & to Scotland.

Becky Chamberlain - Thank you to Sylvia and the CRC team for arranging a day yesterday enjoyed by so many. I was sorry that I was not able to watch more and had to leave early, I will be buying the DVD!
A special thank you to Sylvia, not only for asking me to be a demo rider but for being a great trainer over the past few months.
It was rather difficult to achieve the activity Colonel Carde was after on George, who is not a fan of the heat!! My view of the audience was a mass of programmes being used as fans!  I'm looking forward to continuing working at home and in my sessions with Sylvia, and can't wait to have a lesson on Prazer, a Birthday present from my Mum, I will be chasing you to arrange a date Sylvia!!

Georgina Leigh - What an epic occasion yesterday, my head is still buzzing. Prazer is testament to the benefits of Classical methods..I hope my PRE is that full of joie de vivre and supple when he reaches 20! Beautiful to watch! Thank you Sylvia. X

Claire Whitfield - Thank you Sylvia! You are an inspiration to so many people and show that if you have an idea and follow it through, with the right support and determination - anything can happen! Thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day, it was truly a day, a few days that I will never forget.

Lauren Taylor - (about the presentation video) Just brought tears to my eyes for the second time! Just like I was there all over again, thoroughly deserved, and an utterly inspirational yet totally humble person. And I hope it has made you realise just the impact you have globally for both people and horses, your journey has been an incredible one, and we are all very lucky enough to have been able to hitch a ride on it! Xx

Beverley Gibbons - Sylvia has done so much to promote Classical Riding and the Lusitano. Well deserved!

Liz Garland - Beautiful tribute to such an inspiring horse woman - the world is a better place for humans and horses because you are in it - Love and Light


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