Geoffrey Gibson 1930 – 2015

It is with great regret that we learn of the passing of Geoffrey Gibson. As well as being a Master Saddler, he was a very able horseman, who insisted on sympathy and tact at all times and was well versed in the precepts and principles of classical horsemanship. As a trusted friend, he rode regularly at my stables in Suffolk in the early 90s and was an enthusiastic supporter of The Classical Riding Club when we first started up in January, 1995.

GEOFFREY GIBSON. 1930 - 2015

I have to thank John Lewis for sending me the details from The EDP of the death of this great Equitation Master and Master Saddler. My trainer between the 1970's and 80's. Photograph taken of Geoffrey, during this time with Palomo, Sylvia Loch's beloved horse.

I would like to pay my sincere respects to this man. Who had the discipline of the Masters of That era. Did not adhere to quick fixes, and instilled in me the art of dedicated training.

A generous but very strict teacher, he would buy me books from Allens book shop in London, this gave me a vast catalogue to help me. Until I looked in the front cover, where he would add a note of his own. Usually berating my equestrian shortfalls.

I learnt so much from this great man, who new so many great masters himself, and past on everything he could to me. I will remain always in his debt. Many of the sayings and the way I teach today, came from him. If at any time you think me strict. Then you have to know what I came from.

Sincerely and sadly felt. Sue Barber, Pinelodge Equestrian Cenre, Norfolk


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