Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling by Claire Lilley.

The author's objective is to explain how to school the horse from the ground before attempting to ride, starting with fundamental techniques and providing progressive exercises to work through.

She then goes onto explain that she has not gone into great detail on the equipment, concentrating rather on  the use and application of the equipment for groundwork.

The book is nicely illustrated with photographs and offers brief explanations following a straightforward content. The layout of the book is very pleasant and easy to read. I particularly liked the common problems and solutions at the end of each chapter also the examples of exercises to try.

The book impresses upon the reader the importance of groundwork and is persuasive in this point.  For those new to this discipline, it could offer a straightforward introduction, although it would be necessary to be familiar with the equipment if required to do so.

For those with more experience it may encourage the use and importance of working from the ground and in this case would be a valuable refresher to knowledge already acquired. Overall it sets out a structure to groundwork which will benefit many readers.

Susan Monaghue, Northumberland


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