Turning Old Precepts on their Head? – by Sylvia Loch


It worries me when people become fixated on one aspect of riding and in this case, a practice that’s as old as the hills - to the exclusion of all else. It also worries me that in ones attempts to promote correct, kind and empathetic riding – people may take this too far. When a holier than thou attitude prevails, it is often taken beyond the bounds of reason. In certain cases, political correctness can cloud common sense which is not necessarily in the best interests of the horse.  I have always understood that in making a case for or against a particular action or approach, this has to be based on truth. We protect the horse through well proven facts, not half-truths. Nature provides us with fool-proof principles, which are again fairly easy to prove, and would be hard to contradict. What goes up must go down.... gravity. A right angled turn is 90 degrees – geometry. A spine is never straight – whether in horse or human; it is composed of convex and concave contours – anatomy. And so on....

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