New Beginnings In Sight…

People like to say - the end is in sight! - but I prefer the above title - new beginnings! I am leaving a wonderful place to go to new pastures, new yard, new people and new students. But hey! - much as I shall miss all that's gone before.... and more than a little... it's also challenging and exciting to step into the unknown.

Yes, some of you may have heard - most won't - I shall be homeless this time next Wednesday (25th March, 2015) as Eden Hall has been sold, but the new house I thought I had bought... has fallen at the last hurdle.

So, for now - it's into a rented holiday cottage which looks inviting but remarkably tiny on the brochure but that is because it was constructed for one - not necessarily one, plus 2 large dogs - dobie and lab - one 19 year old cat - Pansy the young at heart tortoishell and a mass of office stuff including much connected with CRC! Hopefully, this humble abode will provide the perfect base whilst I go house hunting again, and it has the added benefit of being just 20 minutes or so drive away from Prazer's new stable. Yes, for the first time ever in my life - I shall have a horse at livery!

One of the big attractions is the fact I shall never have to worry about muck clearing, frozen pipes, hay deliveries, licences, vets inspections or having to be bossy, e.g. reminding everyone to keep their dog on the lead, chiding people for not wearing hats to lead a horse out etc or dealing with someone's runaway cow falling into our water tank. (Yes, honestly!!) Indeed, it will be heaven to live under someone else's rules for once and the joy of having an indoor school to ride in again - no matter how it's chucking it down outside - will be delightful.

Ten days ago, we had a big Auction at Eden Hall. I knew I had to downsize by over 50 per cent, but throwing out collections of a lifetime is not easy. We ended up running a Country House Sale here at home and the prospect of opening up ones home to all and sundry drew in lots of local interest, press attention and ended up being surprisingly cathartic. There was everything from furniture, pictures, china, ornaments, kitchen ware, stable ware and garden paraphernalia. Even the old dog kennel, the rabbit hutch and the trampoline found an owner.... and one lady paid a fortune for a simple boot-scraper. Mind you, it was probably pre-war and they knew how to make things in those days, so perhaps I should have kept that one, after all.

So everything considered, I am getting myself together and hope that this time - a week today exactly - I will be settled into my new temporary abode with the dogs fast asleep in their baskets and Pansy the puss-cat, snug on my bed. It will be like the old days, touring the country in my horsebox to demo, and enjoying the satisfaction of making do in a cramped space with some surprisingly good fry-ups to boot!

It will do me not harm not to have Sky... and I have packed a load of books I always wanted to read - so let's just hope it all goes to plan and I can relax! - for maybe the first time in what will have been a very long journey (in both senses of the word).


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