New Book Release – Austrian Art of Riding by Werner Poscharnigg

Such excitement! I had written my Foreword... For AUSTRIAN ART OF RIDING ... (one of three) good friend Charles de Kunffy, being another... and I had seen a proof.

But - there's nothing quite like opening a brand new book based on a subject close to your heart, and knowing it's now out there! My good friend, the erudite Werner Poscharnigg has written a beautifully illustrated and researched book, which was badly needed. Names which I'd heard of but knew next to nothing about are all there; methods for the training of horses in all the countries that were part of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire spring to life . The good, the bad and the ugly training methods are discussed in detail. What is interesting, is this: even the harshest masters of the period, even before Classical Riding was revived... understood about the cessation of the aid ( ie the giving of the hand, and of the leg) in the training of the horse. That's a principle not sufficiently adhered to by today 's teachers or today's riders, but that's just one tiny aspect of this book.

If you want to understand more about the Art of Equitation and it's effect right across the civilised world, go - buy this superb book. It's on

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