Outside rein, outside rein…

'Outside rein, outside rein...
What sins committed in your name?
If only people knew the theory...
Or students stopped to make a query...
The horse's life would be less dreary!
And once again the horse be sane!'

Yes, the outside rein is very misunderstood. It is a wonderful aid for reducing a circle (as shown), improving a canter pirouette, or a simple turn on the hocks. Why ? Because when it's placed against the horse's neck it takes him in. But ... too often riders do this on straight lines or when staying out to the track which gives all the Wrong Messages to their poor horse!

Then there is the half halt on the outside rein which is highly effective but must be very gentle (never enough to change the bend) and very short lived. Once again it's important to read and study with those who really understand the theory of riding if you want to progress up the levels and not confuse your horse. Our reins are such powerful aids.. We can make or break with them and understanding is ALL about his sanity and ours. SL



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