Paper, Paper Everywhere…. And an Opportunity for You?

It's not easy throwing away notebooks, papers, photos, posters, folders, old programmes and countless cards and letters that were never thrown away before because they were too precious! My office is stuffed with these un-throwable things and most will probably move with me, when eventually I move south. Still, some things have to go. For reasons of space if nothing else.

The passage of time does not help of course because although one loses count and the boxes and files get heavier and grow in number... as more and more is added, they also grow in importance. The past is the past and no one can replace it; but all this memorabilia brings back memories galore - and theories too - and it is these which are so difficult to chuck!

But I am learning to be brutal. The books I will never give up, the diaries will be kept for my lifetime - I always feel it important to put a date on something, as my brain needs to work in a fairly orderly way as I'm one of these people who needs that to make sense of things and put them in perspective. But the letters are something else. Some will have to go.

I do not envy the spouse of any writer. Fiction writers may get away without a big library, not so those who are fascinated by history, especially the history of riding. Of course, if I was writing about the discipline of motor racing, it would all be so much easier. One would only be dealing with at the most 100 years. Not so with riding. Riding goes back over several millenia and the training of horses with it. That's what makes it so fascinating. I'm a real sucker for it!

And what about research?? Well, all of my 8 books have been written, so I could - I guess... part with some of the research stuff.

So YES!!! I am NOW about to offer a folder of American horsey stuff to the wider public. I wonder who's out there?
Whoever is happy to pay for the postage may have this... with a small donation to CRC for the privilege of us taking the trouble to pack it up and send! It's a real mixture on the old American breeds. For a start, newsletters for the Spanish Mustang dating back to the 1984s, a booklet on the American Quarter Horse edited by Charles W Conrad 1968, correspondence from Gilbert H Jones of Oklahoma who ran the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association in the '80s and a great article about the same gentleman, all roped up and ready to saddle up from the Daily Oklahoma, November 4, 1985. There are notes from the Alamo Paso Horse Group, plus a great article from the Peruvian Horse Review, and for me one of the most fascinating, the National Geographic's stunning article 'Following Cortes' Path to Conquest' by Jeffrey K Wilkerson, 1984. For dressage enthusiasts, The Evolution of the Training Methods of the Peruvian Horse is fascinating as is The Horse in the History and Traditions of Peru by Dr Juan Valera-Lema. This surely is a must for some of you. Towards the back I read from the American Quarter Horse Association the words of President C Norris who starts his review of these special horses in the US by stating ...'Last year was a difficult year as the sluggish economy touched almost every industry...' Well, that sounds very modern. I see that nothing changes!

This is just the start of my Library Downsizing. I will keep you informed if other STUFF I can bear to part with comes to light. I will say this to any writer out there. You have to be inspired to write about horses in my opinion. It's not a case of just leaping on the internet. There's nothing like holding a letter in your hand from someone, somewhere far across the world who loves these horses and has bothered to help you with your investigations. A tattered and torn magazine article comes to life in your hand far more than a screen grab. A face smiling out of a faded newspaper 30 years old touches your heart. With treasures like these, you are away! Is there anyone out there?


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