An Algarve Affair


Sylvia Loch’s first novel is an exciting departure from her best-selling equestrian books. From beginning to end, it is electric with passion, suspense and a deep understanding of the human heart.

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Sylvia first started writing An Algarve Affair when she lived in Portugal during the 1970s but as her teaching equestrian career took off, she decided to abandon her novel in order to turn to serious non-fiction.  She kept her novel tucked away in a drawer for decades until her daughter discovered it a few years back and insisted she should 'do something with it'.  After bringing the beginning and the end up-to-date, she has finally decided to publish.

This is a story about Kate Fraser, thirty-seven year old mother of two, who is at a crossroads in her life. Blonde, beautiful but profoundly insecure, she is haunted by a death-bed confession which implicates her in a crime of passion – the possible murder of her mother's lover. Kate sees no option but to leave her Scottish island home and return to the place where it all began: southern Portugal, the scene of her childhood. There, among the remnants of the flamboyant self-obsessed ex-pat society of the 1970s, she hopes to find an answer to the guilt that has tormented her for so many years. What Kate doesn't expect is to be touched by the magic of the place as she proceeds to unearth a story of self-delusion, deception, revolution and romance from which she cannot escape.