CHRISTMAS OFFER: Sensitive Schooling II & III DVD + Free Copy of The Classical Seat I


Sensitive Schooling II & III DVD

Filmed over 3 years, we move from simple changes and lateral work to flying changes, piaffe, passage and even Spanish Walk.

The Classical Seat 1

The essence of classical riding is being ‘at one’ and in tune with the horse.  It is not mystical nor complex, and is open to all riders who wish to improve their own and their horse’s performance.  No rider – whatever level they are at – should feel that it is beyond them.


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Product Description

Sensitive Schooling II & III DVD

Sensitive Schooling Volume I has been one of the most successful horse training DVDs ever to be made.

Unique in its live-to-camera approach, Sylvia Loch rides, schools and teaches the novice horse all at the same time. Using the same techniques, Volumes II and III, Collection Explored and Collection Confirmed show the older horse working through a wealth of dressage movements and how to achieve them.   Intensive explanation is given to the aids, feel and how to combat the inevitable problems that we will meet on the way.  A truly fascinating insight into the schooling of the older horse.

All DVDs are in PAL format.

Plus free copy of The Classical Seat 1 worth £10.00

In the Classical Seat - A Guide For The Everyday Rider, Sylvia Loch shows how all riders can attain a correct (and hence, safe) classical seat - one that is deep, balanced and sensitive, and gives maximum control.

The Author's ability to cut through the complex jargon we have become so accustomed to in equitation, together with her imaginative photos and illustrations, results in a delightfully fresh approach which is both enjoyable and educational.