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CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention DVD

To celebrate a unique occasion, this DVD from the CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention show-cases the work of 5 international Classical Trainers from France, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

Featuring 10 different horses and riders all at different levels, each lesson demonstrates the common bond and ethos shared between the Classical Schools.  From Novice level to preparation for the Grand Prix, we also present an inspirational lesson on the Work in Hand as well as personal interviews with each Trainer.

Not only does this DVD serve as a reminder of a fantastic day, it also provides a wonderful guide for further training at home with all ages and type of horse from Friesian to Warmblood, Irish Sports Horse to Lusitano.

Balance & Bodywork DVD

For most people the idea of riding in perfect balance may seem out of reach, except for the expert.  In this ground-breaking DVD, Sylvia demonstrates that this is not at all the case. Whilst gravity and the laws of locomotion can work against us, they can also work for us - and in this DVD she shows you how!  Filmed on location in Portugal at beautiful Quinta do Archino, we see how 4 students of varying ability, shape, age and experience adapt to this revolutionary way of teaching, to ride with a greater sense of purpose and self-carriage.  Watch clips of riders applying the workshop principles, while riding a variety of horses.  Sylvia also provides voice over commentary, with many instructional tips and explanations.  Using her own unique set of exercises - Sylvia uses NLP (Neuro-Lingusistic Programming) to empower the rider without force.

Step by step we are shown how to tap into those inner strengths. By mastering certain simple techniques through repetition and practice on the ground, the rider can then subconsciously convey the correct cues in the saddle.

Subjects covered include -

  • Understanding gravity & balance
  • Use of pressure & the yielding of the rider's back, better forward movement
  • Transitions, Circles, Turns, Shoulder-In,
  • Framing the horse, Travers, Half-pass, Canter & Counter-Canter,
  • Flying changes, Rein-back,
  • Collection, Passage & Piaffe.


Unmounted exercises for all of the movements are beautifully and extensively illustrated, including the common mistakes made by most riders.

This is a wonderful teaching tool for riders and instructors alike, as you participate in the step-by-step workshop process, using it to discover the affects of gravity and balance on your own body. This new found awareness is then transferable to the saddle.  None of the exercises are physically taxing, and employ every day items such as a normal chair, hoola hoop, book and long stick to help clarify body awareness and the aids.

A well organized DVD, with a menu format that allows easy access to a specific movement or training concept, it is useful to riders from novice to Grand Prix level, and also provides instructors with different approaches to explaining common instructional challenges.  For the many riders who will never have the opportunity to take Sylvia Loch's workshop in person, this an invaluable self-help tool and is highly recommended for one's riding development, regardless of discipline. -whether for dressage, showjumping or cross-country, riding using this method will help you lay down the guidelines of a lifetime.

All DVDs are in PAL format.