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CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention DVD

To celebrate a unique occasion, this DVD from the CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention show-cases the work of 5 international Classical Trainers from France, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

Featuring 10 different horses and riders all at different levels, each lesson demonstrates the common bond and ethos shared between the Classical Schools.  From Novice level to preparation for the Grand Prix, we also present an inspirational lesson on the Work in Hand as well as personal interviews with each Trainer.

Not only does this DVD serve as a reminder of a fantastic day, it also provides a wonderful guide for further training at home with all ages and type of horse from Friesian to Warmblood, Irish Sports Horse to Lusitano.

The Classical Seat – Perfect Laterals Trilogy – DVD

The Perfect Laterals Trilogy is a must for anyone working up the Scales of Training, with or without their own trainer. In each of the 3 seperate films, the viewer has the benefit of seeing both untrained, and fully schooled horses, performing live to camera - to show what is truly meant by work `through`and into a contact, to the confident, light steps of the fully engaged horse in piaffe - and offering the work willingly. - You will be left in no doubt of the validity of the methods employed. Not only will you achieve better results, but your horse will enjoy them too!

In the first section - Comprising shoulder-in.

In the second section - On the bit.

In the third section - Travers towards half-pass.

The Classical Seat series has found acclaim worldwide and helped many riders of all disciplines to work towards their goals, knowing that everything is possible with the correct approach and understanding of the classical principles.

The clever layout of this DVD with its many menus helps you to choose the various movements and exercises which will provide you with the tools for the athletic development of a happier horse, whatever his breed, age, shape and size.

All DVDs are in PAL format.