CRC Training Tests and Judging System (downloadable)


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These guidelines cover the whole essence of the CRC marking system which allows horses to be judged independently of what breed or size they are.  One standard is applied to all, as emphasized in our CRC judge training system.

It also covers the CRC Rules and Recommended Practices. Permitted dress, tack and bitting is addressed; some bits such as the Pelham being allowed (but with 2 points deducted) and bitless bridles are accepted.  It also contains details on the whole system of CRC Dressage and how and why it came about.

To conclude, these guidelines are invaluable to understand the CRC system of marking and allows the judge far greater freedom to award very different marks for strengths and weaknesses.  This in turn allows the rider to know where to improve, what aspects to work on and encourages them to go for the highest mark possible in their own abilities – whatever their breed of horse.

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