Dressage Convention 2013 DVD


Double DVD! This DVD shows the event in 4 chapters, the morning and afternoon session of each day, amounting to 6 hours of viewing so you will not miss a moment of this new and exciting event.

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Product Description

Carl Hester and Richard Davison present coverage of the 2013 Dressage Convention in which they demonstrate training techniques. Olympic gold medal winner Charlotte Dujardin makes an appearance as well as author Sylvia Loch and Miguel Ralao, a former student of the Portuguese Equestrian Art School.

Double DVD!

Dressage superstars Carl Hester and Richard Davison are offering dressage enthusiasts a unique insight into a variety of training methods through a series of educational and thought provoking sessions.

Says Richard Davison “The event was a totally different format to what people are used to in the UK and we hope it inspired riders of all levels and brought clarity to their training systems”

The guest rider is none other than current World number one, CHARLOTTE DUJARDIN, with VALEGRO, her double Olympic gold medal winner, current European Champion and current World record Holder! There is no other horse and rider at this level, they are a unique combination! Speakers include renowned author of ‘The Classical Seat’ Sylvia Loch and former Portuguese Equestrian Art School student Miguel Ralao.

The event consists of 4 chapters amounting to 6 hours of viewing.

Day 1 – Part 1

The Classical Seat – The key to great riding with Sylvia Loch

The Secrets of Training the Iberian Horse with Miguel Ralao

Day 1 – Part 2

Training for Competition Success with Carl and Richard

Day 2 - Part 1

Training for Collection with Sylvia Loch

Making the most of Iberian talent with Miguel Ralao

Day 2 – Part 2

“Aiming for a ten” with Carl and Richard