Issue 17 – Spring 1999


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p2,4 Editorial

p4-6,23 Membership News Items

p6 Isodynamic Method - Diane Spruce

p7 The Nature of Aiding - Michael Stevens

p8,9 Weight - Sylvia Loch

p9 Thoughts on Side Saddle - Claire Lilley

p10 Helpline by Liz McCurley

p11 Co-Sponsors’ Page

p12,13 Spanish Horse in Competition - Miriam Frenk

p13 CSVIII Review by Anne Wilson

p14,15 Evaluating Your Horse - Bob Russell

p15 Armchair Observations

p16,17 No Sin But Ignorance - Lesley Skipper

p17 Book Reviews + CRC Liability Notice

p18,19 CRC - Sue Roberts + Sylvia Loch replies

p20 CRC Dressage - Mike Fleming

p21 Milton Keynes by Diane Spruce

p22 Portugal on Horseback - Tom Sewell

p24-25 Members’ Letters

p26 Members’ Page

p27 RLM Network + CRC Trainers update

p28 Diary Dates