Issue 21 – Spring 2000


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p2-4 Editorial

p5 Helpline - Liz McCurley

p6 Great Classical Masters - SL

p7 Sponsors’ Page - Albion Saddles

p8 Beware of the Saddle (2) - Jean-Claude Racinet

p9 Old School Common Sense - Bill Everett

p10 Single-Handed Riding - Michael Stevens

p11 Cross Training - Clare Molyneux

p12,13 Sharon and the Warmblood - S Zieman

p13,20 Classical Riding from Down Under
p14 Weight (Part V) - SL

p15 Give your Horse a Break - Dana Green

p16 Are Horses Dumb? - Lesley Skipper

p17 Make Life Easier - Anne Wilson

p18,19 Voyage of Discovery - Hugh Davie

p19 Armchair Observations

p20 Talk to Their Horses - Marion Spagnoletti

p21,26 Members’ Pages/Notices

p22 CRC Dressage News

p23-25 Members’ Letters

p27 RLM Network + CRC Trainers Directory Update

p28 Diary Dates