The Classical Seat – The Key To Great Riding – Latest Edition


Classical Riding is relevant to everyone who is interested in improving their own and their horse’s performance. The essence of classical riding is being “at one” and in tune with the horse. It is not mystical or complex, and is open to all riders who wish to improve their own and their horse’s performance. No rider – whatever level they are at – should feel it is beyond them. In “The Classical Seat – a Guide for the Everyday Rider”, Sylvia Loch shows how all riders can attain a correct (and hence, safe) classical seat – one that is deep, balanced and sensitive, and gives maximum control.

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Product Description

In this book, Sylvia Loch demonstrates how all riders – from all disciplines and at whatever level – can attain and develop a correct, classical seat, which forms the basis for all disciplines, whether you’re a weekend leisure rider, dressage devotee or professional three-day event rider.

The book explains how to….

  • Achieve a deep, balanced and sensitive seat
  • Attain a correct, natural and safe position from head to toe
  • Balance yourself and your horse, so you both achieve greater confidence
  • Develop a greater understanding with your horse
  • Develop your ‘weight aids’ so that your riding becomes ever more subtle

What makes this even more attainable is the author’s clear, concise instructions, combined with witty anecdotes, which results in a fresh, fun and simple-to-understand approach.  That, together with imaginative use of full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow, self-explanatory illustrations, makes book both enjoyable and educational.