Horse and Hound Correspondence


Sylvia Loch had a Letter published in Horse & Hound, 29th January 2009 –This is a copy of the letter and the response received from Richard Davison.

Sylvia and CRC think it is great that BD are now much more open to change than in the past and CRC has always been keen to share ideas for a more humane and classical system of Judging as laid out in our booklet “CRC Dressage – Making A Difference” This booklet can be ordered through the Merchandise section of our Website and in it you will get a much clearer picture of how a different system of awarding marks could totally revolutionise the way in which dressage is perceived today. More important than that, further implementation of our Rules would bring back the idea of promoting the lightness, relaxation and happiness of the horse as well as the correct gaits for all future competitors. I know we are not the only organisation who are keen to do this and there are many in BD who should be congratulated in what they are doing to make the sport more accessible and friendly to all

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