Running a Competition

Making A Difference –Halfpass

is the title of our ground-breaking booklet published in 1998. It is available from our Shop and is a must for anyone keen to promote an alternative, horse-friendly way of running a dressage competition.

It explains our revolutionary way of marking Dressage to encourage better riding practices and greater respect for the horse.  It also focuses on those practical aspects of biomechanical movement which all too often seem neglected in favour of flashy gaits and impressive – but not always correct – gaits.

For example Engagement – such an important prerequisite – is not always rewarded by conventional judging; too often those horses which move extravagantly in front are preferred.  Under the CRC system of marking, this simply could not happen.


To assist you in running your own show or competition under CRC Rules you need first:

need to order dressage tests on-line. Remember these are copy-righted to the Club – copying is illegal

To liase with our Administrator re. free advertising, notification in our Diary Dates and on Facebook, support in choosing a judge and general advice. NB Judges must be familiar with the CRC Judges Guildelines and practices.


Dressage Pack

The Classical Riding Club can provide everything you will need to run a dressage competition in a pack which includes:-

  • Test Sheets
  • Mark Sheets
  • Judges' Guidelines
  • CRC Rosettes


Please email if you would like to discuss ordering one of these for your event and it will be tailored to your requirements.


We are keen to see CRC Dressage being used all over the world. No venue is too small or modest to run one of our classes and the CRC system is a wonderful way to encourage newcomers into dressage.   CRC Dressage has always been popular with the Breed Societies and it is a good preparation for affiliated dressage at a later stage.


Baileys Keep Calm CRC 300 x 150


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