The absolute truth about how a horse should be!

You may have seen this photo before - I used it in one of my books - however, no apologies.

I'm posting it to show how in so many ways it tells the absolute truth about how a horse should be! A good rider, has it within their means to preserve that natural carriage... we call it self-carriage - when the horse is able to keep his back up, his hocks engaged, lift his forehand and raise his head and neck ... despite the rider on his back. BUT...and it's a big but. We should not be expecting that from young, tender, newly backed horses in their first year of work.

We are kidding ourselves surely, if we expect them to carry us like a well developed elementary to medium level horse? That takes years of patient schooling and sympathetic riding. So, why, why, why, are baby horses (toddlers in the human world) being expected to look like adults when they are just starting their careers?? I gather this is happening more and more and one wonders how long such horses will last especially if the head and neck is shortened and forced in an 'advanced' on the bit position. SL


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