The Future of CRC – Announcement from Sylvia

As we come to the end of 21 very industrious and committed years founding and developing the CRC to get classical riding back onto the global map, not only for the riders' sakes but also the horses', I am proud to announce that I am stepping down. I feel we have achieved what we set out to do. That was to put Classical Dressage, Classical Riding back where it belonged, into the collective subconscious to be accepted and practised at whatever level by all who love horses . Where to go, where to train, who to read, how to put the CRC motto ' Harmony in Horsemanship' into practice...? That was our mission. I feel we made a good start.

Since I do not wish to see all the very considerable work wasted, the website and its contents will go on. It is most important to me that those many loyal Members who supported us, past and present - can still feel they were - and are - part of an important movement. In a small way, I believe we changed the world quite a bit and you should all be proud of that. Please continue to spread the word.

Whilst the CRC website will remain exactly as it does today, only without News or Advertising pages, there will be no more joining, no more subs. For the day to day minutae and notices of any CRC linked events, I will continue to run and interact on our CRC Facebook page instead.

From now on, the CRC website - to which a number of Members generously contributed (you know who you are) the CRC will remain OPEN to all . It will continue to offer a huge facility through its Libraries and wealth of former Club magazines and there is advice on almost every riding related subject.

After 21 long years there will be no Administrator, only me - dipping in occasionally - but basically it should run by itself. It will be a unique facility - accessible to the world - giving everyone a chance to read about and be guided by the precepts of Classical Riding.

Those who are already Members won't lose out on anything. I shall continue with the on-line quarterly section of our magazine until this time next year. The main difference will be that we shall cease to be a subscription-paying Club as from early August 2016. This may take a few days, so bear with us. But very soon we will be open and FREE to the World!

Thank you to ALL who have helped me grow the Club over the last two decades. My quest for a perfect way of riding and schooling the horse through ethical and empathetic methods is becoming more and more the norm in many circles. For myself, the influences go back to the early 1970s in Portugal where for the first time in life, I felt the wonder of a calm, light, happy, elastic horse. Founding the Club was a culmination of those influences and passing them on to others. Our Demo today will concentrate on those aspects of equitation that can change lives. Again, my grateful thanks!


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