The Sikh – a WW1 Horse that Deserves to be Honoured

Most of us know about War Horse the stunning play, later made a film - of Warrior and his soldier owner from Devon. But there is another horse crying out for recognition. Equally incredible, the story of The Sikh, a Thoroughbred mare that belonged to Lt. A. C. Vicary of the Gloucestershire Regiment has come to light. The courage and sheer tenacity of this beautiful horse, with her white blaze and two white socks is mind-boggling. Dodging artillery fire and bombing on the Western Front she worked tirelessly for the allies for almost four years - first in Belgium, and finally ending up in Russia. But that's not the end of the story. The amazing thing is - despite all they had gone through together, she walked most of her way home. Her courageous master went on to be awarded a Military Cross and two Distinguished Service Order medals. At the end of the war, their long tour took them through Turkey, Greece, Italy and France... a journey quite unimaginable today. If you want to know more - tap into the Daily Express website - the story ran on Thursday January 22nd. I think CRC Members might help calls for a Petition to commemorate her through the War Museum. Something to think about to show you care....


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