Carley Jervis McTimoney Practitoner and Equinology® Equine Body Worker



Mobile No: 07977 410 967
Home Tel:
Fax: not applicable

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Equine Science<br /> MSc McTimoney Animal Manipulation<br /> Certificate in Equinology® Equine Body Work

Type of Therapy(ies): McTimoney Animal Manipulation<br /> Equinology® Equine Body Work<br /> Equissage

Brief Explanation: McTimoney Animal Manipulation was developed from human chiropractic, the adjustments aim to put movement back into joints that have become restricted. Equinology® Equine Body Work is a method of applying sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching and range of motion techniques, as well as “focal” point work to address muscle dysfunction. Specifically adapted soft tissue techniques compliment McTimoney adjustments along with appropriate after care providing a fully bespoke service for each horse.

Years Experience: 5 years

Base and Facilities: Unfortunately I do not have facilities to receive clients.

Willing to Travel to your Patients: Yes, up to 40miles (mileage charges apply over 20miles unless ≥3horses at the same venue) .

Interest: Uncompetitive classical dressage, with a particular interest in biomechanics, I ride for enjoyment and development of the horse.

Insurance: Yes. Holistic Insurance Limited.

Interpretation of Classical: To me classical riding is a about intelligent and sensitive riding, not about the fancy moves. Classical means to me listening to the horse, improving the horse through the gymnastic movements of dressage and thus reducing the requirement for intervention of therapists like myself.

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