Donna’s Bowen

Pulham Mkt

IP21 4YJ

Mobile No: 0774 205 1532
Home Tel:
Fax: 0774 205 1532
Website: www.donna'

Qualifications: E.C.B. registered and insured.

Type of Therapy(ies): Bowen Technique {Human & Equine}.

Brief Explanation: Bowen therapy is a very gentle therapy using rolling moves with fingers and thumbs on specific points of the body. This releases fascia and enables muscles to realign themselves. No force is used, therefore the body chooses whether it responds or not. Which explains one reason why Bowen is a very long lasting therapy. It may help in all skeletal, muscular, hormonal and emotional problems.

Years Experience: 9yrs

Base and Facilities: Home clinic for humans, but also fully mobile for both horse and rider.

Willing to Travel to your Patients: I will travel county-wide for one horse/rider. Country-wide for several.

Interest: I'm a trained classical coach.Trained with Hans Reigler of the Spanish School. Francisco Bessa De Carvalho of the Portuguese School. I hold a BHSAI INT SM certificate.

Insurance: Insured with Balens.

Interpretation of Classical: Classical riding to me, is horse and rider in harmony. Which can never be achieved with force. It should look Beautiful,and force never looks beautiful.

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