Eileen McEvoy

8 Waulkmill Drive

EH26 8LA

Mobile No: 07754 406812
Home Tel:
Fax: 01968 674254
Email: eileen@shiatsupenicuik.co.uk
Website: www.shiatsupenicuik.co.uk

Qualifications: MRSS Shiatsu (Human)<br /> Equine Shiatsu Diploma

Type of Therapy(ies): Shiatsu : Human and Equine

Brief Explanation: A traditional Eastern therapy closely linked to acupuncture, it uses pressure (fingers, palms and elbows - not needles). Relaxing, calming and excellent for general well being or specific ailments.

Years Experience: Since 2007

Base and Facilities: Yes

Willing to Travel to your Patients: Yes Home facilities for Humans, Travel for Animals

Interest: Non competitive

Insurance: Batens Insurance

Interpretation of Classical: Classical riding for me defines a knowledgeable, kind method of training, riding with the horses best interests at heart before the riders ego.

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SEIB Insurance