Shelagh Coghlan

Morchard Bishop

EX17 6RX

Mobile No: 07733 112982
Home Tel:

Qualifications: Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1

Type of Therapy(ies): Tellington TTouch

Brief Explanation: Tellington TTouch incorporates a wide range of very light specific movements called TTouches on the Horse’s body, to help release tension patterns and to reduce any pain or discomfort. This has a positive effect on their posture, allows them to move in a more balanced way and also has a wonderful calming effect on the Horse. In addition to the Bodywork to address the physical issues, there are a series of specially developed Groundwork and Riding Exercises that can be used to help improve their focus, mobility and co-ordination, which will also increase their confidence.

Years Experience: 10

Base and Facilities: Not at present

Willing to Travel to your Patients: I will travel to clients premises to treat their Horses on site

Interest: Classical Riding, Dressage to music, Hacking and enjoying my Horse

Insurance: Yes - Fully insured

Interpretation of Classical: Classical Riding is following the traditional teachings of the true Masters of Equitation – To encourage the Horse to gradually build a Physique that will allow them to carry themselves and their Riders correctly, in Lightness, Balance and perfect Harmony.

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