Becky Chapman, Ashen Equestrian Centre

Mrs Becky Chapman

CO10 8JU

Mobile No: 07900436110
Home Tel:


Years Experience Teaching: 21

Years Experience Riding: 35

Qualifications: Biomechanics coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Adv Dip Sports Psychology, ABRSTC, BHSInt' T

Current Teaching Level: Nervous / Novice - Advanced

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 6 years

Taught by: Philippe Karl, Mary Wanless, Sally Swift, Molly Sivwright, Mark Rashid, Alexandra Kurland

Influeced by: My clients and their love for their horses!

Familiar with the teachings of the following: Podhajsky, Decarpentry, Oliveira

Other Authorities: Baucher

Schoolmasters: "Strider Brown" our computerised riding simulator! Walk, Trot, Canter and flying changes. Computerised read-outs of rider's balance and rein contact

Base and Facilities: Ashen Equestrian Centre, Ashen, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8JU. Clinics and courses elsewhere by arrangement

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: 20' x 60' outdoor arena, fantastic surface, mirrors and covered viewing area for spectators

Willing to Freelance: Yes, world-wide

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes

Insurance: Shearwater Insurance

Complaints:: None that I am aware of!

Interpretation of "Classical": Respect of and for the horses' mind and body<br /> Training should be both logical a progressive and accessible to all horses and riders.<br /> Long-term soundness (both physcial and emotional) of horse AND rider is of paramount importance.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes

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