Diamond Hall Farm Livery Stables – Francesca Turner

Miss Francesca Turner

Woodhouses Failsworth
Greater Manchester
M35 9NG

Mobile No: 07588464641
Home Tel: 0161 681 5729
Email: diamondhallfarm@hotmail.co.uk


Years Experience Teaching: 1995 20 years

Years Experience Riding: 32

Qualifications: ***

Current Teaching Level: Medium level dressage

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 2012

Taught by: Susan McBane

Influeced by: Susan McBane, the Spanish Riding School, Nuno Oliveira and Reine Klimke.

Familiar with the teachings of the following: Podhajsky, Decarpentry, Wynmalen, Seunig, Oliveira

Other Authorities:

Schoolmasters: no

Base and Facilities: yes

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: outdoor

Willing to Freelance: yes

Willing to Travel Abroad: no

Insurance: Shearwater freelance instructors policy.

Complaints:: none

Interpretation of "Classical": To me classical dressage is a methodical and kind training system that works for every horse and rider. The methods used have stood the test of time which is testament to this horse training method. My personal ethos with classical dressage is to be consistent in using proven, effective and humane techniques.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes

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