Jackie Stevens

Ms Jackie Stevens

Guildford Road
KT22 9DP

Mobile No: 07973 266270
Home Tel: 01372 438594
Email: rjstevens@sky.com


Years Experience Teaching: 1981

Years Experience Riding: Over 40

Qualifications: BHSII(Reg)

Current Teaching Level: From basics upwards

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: **

Taught by: Henry and Sylvia Loch, Charles Harris, Goncalo Carvalho Conchinhas

Influeced by: So many

Familiar with the teachings of the following: Podhajsky, Decarpentry, Wynmalen, Seunig, Oliveira

Other Authorities:

Schoolmasters: Yes

Base and Facilities: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: Outdoor

Willing to Freelance: Yes

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes

Insurance: British Horse Society = Register of Instructors

Complaints:: None

Interpretation of "Classical": To me classical means the only way. No shortcuts, no easy ways, just the correct way to be at one with the horse and the aids to be invisible.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes

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