Sylvia Loch

Lady Sylvia Loch

No. 44 Belchamp Road
Tilbury Juxta Clare

Mobile No:
Home Tel:


Years Experience Teaching: 1962

Years Experience Riding: 61

Qualifications: National Instructor for the Portuguese Equestrian Federation.

Current Teaching Level: Novice to Grand Prix

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 1969

Taught by: Lord Loch (with whom I served a 10 year apprenticeship in Portugal and the UK). Also rode with Gustav Zenkyl, David Ribeiro Telles, Joáo Trigueiros and more recently taught by Arthur Kottas

Influeced by: Oliveira and others of the Portuguese School, as well as by reading the works of the great masters both past and present

Familiar with the teachings of the following: Podhajsky, Decarpentry, Wynmalen, Seunig, Oliveira

Other Authorities:

Schoolmasters: Yes

Base and Facilities: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: Yes

Willing to Freelance: Yes

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes

Insurance: Covered by East Sussex Insurance Company

Complaints:: None

Interpretation of "Classical": The art of riding with understanding. This has to include understanding of the horse's mentality, physique and locomotion, as well as that of the human body and its powers of co-ordination. Only then can riding develop from a science to an art where horse and rider may join as one, so that beauty and harmony may emerge.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes

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