Lucy Ketcher

Miss Lucy Ketcher

Nr. Hitchin

Mobile No: 07732105653
Email: lucyketcher.equine@gmail.com
Website: www.lucyketcherequine.com

Years Experience Teaching: 2010

Years Experience Riding: 23

Qualifications: BHSAI, UKCC L2

Current Teaching Level: Up to medium level

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 2007

Taught by: Anja Beran, Patty Clarkson, Sophie Buchner and Anna Jantscher.

Influenced by:

  • I have been influenced by Patty Clarkson and her daughter Sophie Buchner who first introduced me to the world of classical. From them I trained with Anja Beran full-time for 18 months and follow her work closely.
  • I am also influenced by Nuno Oliveria and admire his work greatly.

Familiar with the teachings of the following: Podhajsky, Oliveira

Other Authorities: BHS

Schoolmasters: No

Base and Facilities: No

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: No

Willing to Freelance: Yes

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes

Insurance: Yes. Insured through the BHS as I am a registered instructor.

Complaints: None

Interpretation of "Classical": I believe that classical work is predominately about enabling the horse, through correct training, to be the best and most beautiful he can be within his own limitations. A classically trained rider is one who always strives to improve themselves in order to be the best they can be for their horse. A classically trained horse is treated with respect and patience in order to achieve strength and balance without using short-cuts or force, allowing him to live a healthy, long and productive life.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes

Eva Marunova

Miss Eva Marunova

Letchworth Garden City

Hertfordshire, SG6

Mobile: 07917 808 430

Email: empowered.equitation@gmail.com

Years Experience Teaching: 8 years (since 2011)

Years Experience Riding: 20

Qualifications: BHSAI, Postgraduate Diploma in Equine Science

Current Teaching Level: Beginners to advanced

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 2013

Taught by: Minette Rice-Edwards, Paul Lindsay, Jenny Almeida, Brian Hutton, Tina Layton

Influenced by: Arthur Kottas, Andrew Murphy, Charles de Kunffy, Paul Belasik, Sylvia Loch, Anja Beran

Familiar with the teachings of the following:

  • Podhajsky

Other authorities: The many horses I have ridden and the many students who I have taught as they continuously motivate me to be a better rider and instructor; International Society for Equitation Science for incorporating latest research findings into how we train and look after horses, Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust for bringing many excellent trainers to the UK and making classical riding more accessible.

Schoolmasters: None

Base and facilities: None

Indoor or outdoor arena: None

Willing to freelance: Yes

Willing to travel abroad: Yes

Insurance: Shearwater (freelance teaching and schooling of horses)

Complaints: None

Interpretation of classical: A logical approach to training of horses and riders with horse welfare as the top priority. A system of training which takes into account biomechanics of the horse’s movement and teaches riders how to move with the horse in balance and with softness. Correct training, with no shortcuts or gadgets, takes time for both horses and riders hence patience and commitment to continuous self-improvement is required from both classical riders and trainers.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes


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