Walk better! Stand better ! Sit better! – Posture and how it effects our seat.

I am often asked the question by students (or on Facebook...) - how do I develop my core muscles correctly so that I develop a 12039437_1076786755679772_6389071649377377331_nbetter seat and better muscle tone? I often think they look a little disappointed when I tell them the truth. That it's simple - first develop good posture on the ground! Walk better! Stand better ! Sit better! ... And it will come.

Your body is wonderfully engineered to resist any sudden movement under you... Whether it's a moving train or a horse... But you can't do this if you're out of balance yourself. You need to use your God-given abdominal muscles by drawing up to your full height and allowing them to support you!11204444_1076787662346348_679507705667617374_n

This puts your back right for a start. Once you do this not just sometimes but always, your 'core' will naturally expand and strengthen eventually to give you what Nuno Oliveira called 'an inflated' torso! A great tool for collection. I promise you the great Masters of Equitation never had time to go to the gym!! But they stood, sat and moved correctly and that way they naturally developed the core strength that all good riders need.

These pics are taken from The Classical Seat.(purchase here). I was writing about this in 1986 when no one had even used the word 'core' ... And across the water the late lovely Sally Swift was doing the same and calling it ' centering'... All the same thing and it works. SL




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