What a Week!!

I can't believe that this very untechnical (when it comes to the web) Author is actually posting her first Blog! Hooray!! Previously, with the old site... everything got sent by email to our Admin who kindly put items up for me. Now, I am blogging solo for the first time! Of course people who are used to me on Facebook will wonder what the difference is. Actually quite a lot, but no matter... I feel liberated, away!! So this is the end of a week which saw me motoring down to Hadleigh in East Anglia last Saturday - a good 6 hour journey from where we live in Scotland - to give a Talk that evening (over a glass of wine) about CRC Dressage and a whole different system of judging. Although just an informal event - almost 50 enthusiasts in all tutned up and there was a great atmosphere followed by a lively question time. The main spur seemed to be that the CRC mark-sheets concentrate on the overall picture, rather than getting too tied up on - say - the specifics of turning down the centre line too soon or too late, or 'circle not quite 10m' etc, etc. We also allot a larger proportion of the marks to Rider Position, which means people can score up to 8s, 9s or 10s if they have a good seat, don't over-use the leg and don't pull on the horse's mouth!! On the Sunday, I was set to work to judge BD tests with CRC marksheets. A great show had been organised by Water Farm's proprietors, Gerdie and Chryssie Warner, the indoor school was immaculate and a good mixture of horses and riders turned up. Intro, 2 Prelims and 2 Novice tests were on the menu. I'd been co-erced into judging all 4 - so we didn't finish until well into the afternoon, but despite the January chill, there was a warm feeling of achievement from everyone who took part - I especially enjoyed the young horses.

No peace for the wicked on the Monday. I drove to Stansted to collect Angela Hinnigan the Club Secretary and Admin who had valiantly got up at 5am to catch an early plane from Edinburgh. After a small argument re parking - 'Sylvia this is England, not Scotland!!' - we headed for Matt Lovejoy's office - to meet up and engage with the new WEBSITE. This, as you will have gathered, couldn't be more different from the old one, and although Angela and I (in our different capacities) have been working behind the scenes on it for months... the final lay-out took our breath away. Matt has done so well, and got it just as we always wanted... but didn't think possible... and once I OK'd all the photos and final menu, I left it to the two computer buffs to sort the last minute minutae. Not an easy task and you could almost hear the little grey cells ticking away... but finally, we were talking about Launch Day for sure by the Wednesday and the EXCITEMENT was tangible.

Needless to say, the whole family - Angela's and mine - hardly got to bed that night. So much to check, see and enjoy... and FB was humming.

On Thursday, I was driving back to Scotland, another 6 hours behind the wheel and today it's been catching up with all the emails and pms that have flooded in... PLUS (equally important) riding my lovely Luso who had missed his Mum apparently. This morning as the sun drifted over the Tweed and peeped between the huge oaks and beeches in our wood I was rewarded by the most beautiful sight (not site...for once!) A tall young buck, dark of skin, with a white bottom and two little baby horns sticking up on a beautiful head, stood sentinel on the crest of the hill just 15 metres away. He stared at us... as they do with horses - not realising the threat, but before Prazer had spotted him too (the last time involved too many caprioles and pirouettes for comfort - not good amongst low branches)I managed to turn his head in the opposite direction and we went safely back down the path in the direction of the stables. Wonderful! As I said, it's been quite a week!


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