West Yorkshire

Paul Lindsay Dawson

Mr Paul Dawson

20 South Parade


West Yorkshire


Mobile No: 07729 108385

Years Experience Teaching: 10/ since 2008. I have experience of teaching one on one lessons of able bodied and disabled riders [physically and mentally] and teaching group lessons of up to 8 riders [both able bodied and disabled] , as well as clinics.

Years Experience Riding: 34

Qualifications: BHS AI horse care and stable management

Current Teaching Level: novice come beginner to experienced

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 2006. I have written for Tracking UP Magazine for over two years with positive feedback on my articles.

Taught by: Mike Robertshaw, Emma Duffy

Influenced by: Louis Seeger, Max Weyrother, Philippe Karl,  Klaus Schoeneich, Sylvia Loch, Susan McBane

Familiar with the teachings of the following: 

  • Podhajsky
  • Decarpentry
  • Seunig
  • Oliveira

Other Authorities: Bardon de Bohan, Gustave Steinbrecht, Louis Seeger, E F Seidler,

Schoolmasters: Yes

Base and Facilities: Yes. Cae Newydd Equine Solutions, Caernfarfon, North Wales.

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: Indoor Arena

Willing to Freelance: Yes. Travel within 25 miles of Wakefield or Caernarfon.

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes. I have taught in France

Insurance: Public Liability, personal injury, riding instruction insurance via Cae Newydd Equine Solutions

Complaints: None made.

Interpretation of "Classical": Classical equitation is based on the synthesis of riding masters before riding became influenced by Baucher, Filis, L’Hotte et al. Classical riding works because it has stood the test of time. It works without fear or force, and most definitely without gadgets and gizmos. It's working with, never against, the horse. Classical Riding is opening the lines of communication between horse and rider, of listening to the horse, of being aware of every move you make meaning something to the horse. Classical riding is training the horse and rider through feel, kindness and gentleness to help both horse and rider achieve their maximum potential through subtle weight aides and gentle use of hand and leg, to work in harmony with the horse.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes


Baileys Keep Calm CRC 300 x 150


SEIB Insurance