Rollkur and CRC

The Classical Riding Club is opposed to Rollkur, we do not condone it in any form which is reflected in our Dressage Judging System. Rollkur – contrary to what many riders think – is not a suppling process other than to “rubberise” the horse’s neck. This practice is considered very harmful by all the great    Continue Reading »

Letter to Horse and Hound from Sylvia Loch 2010

Letter to Horse and Hound The following letter from Sylvia was published in Horse and Hound, Thursday 18th February 2010. Sir/Madam It was heartening to read the FEI Statement concerning the discreditation of Rollkur as a so-called ‘training technique’ this week.  Gerd Heuschmann, the German vet has consistently put across the harsh reality for horses    Continue Reading »

Letter to the FEI and Reply

As a result of the “Blue Tongue” Epona clip we have sent the following letter to the FEI Sir/Madam, The Classical Riding Club is aware of the enormous outpouring of public outrage prompted by the Epona (You Tube) film clip of a top competition dressage horse being worked in Rollkur before a competition event. Scenes    Continue Reading »

Open Letter from Gerd Heuschmann 2009

Open Letter as of December 18th, 2009 Attn: – FEI – German National Equestrian Federation (FN) – German National Horse Judges Association To whom it may concern: More than two years have passed since I sent my last letter to you. I have neither received a reply nor have I gotten the feeling that you    Continue Reading »

Letter to Roly Owers from Sylvia Loch 2009

Roly Owers Esq CEO World Horse Welfare Anne Colvin House Ada Cole Avenue Snetterton, Norfolk NR16 2LR Friday 4th December 2009 Dear Roly It has been some time since we were in correspondence, but I am always very mindful of the wonderful work you all do at World Horse Welfare. You may have noticed some    Continue Reading »

Letter to HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein from Patrick Print 2009

BHS Chairman writes to Princess Haya BHS Chairman Patrick Print FBHS has written to FEI President, HRH Princess Haya, to demand an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the apparent distress of Patrick Kittel’s horse at Odense earlier this month, and into the ethics of rollkur more generally. HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein President Federation    Continue Reading »

Letter to the BHS 2003

FOR INCLUSION IN THE BHS NEWSLETTER AND WEBSITE from The Classical Riding Club – Independent Partner to the BHS The Classical Riding Club (CRC) backs the British Horse Society’s response to the current Rollkur debate wholeheartedly. Patrick Print has spoken out for all caring horse owners from all disciplines in his persuasive, measured letter and    Continue Reading »


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