Republic of Ireland

A F Dressage

Mr Andy Fitzpatrick

21 Westbrook Way
South Staffs

Mobile No: 07866 631107
Home Tel:

Website: www.andyfitzpatrickdressage

Years Experience Teaching: 40

Years Experience Riding: 45

Qualifications: BHSII, TTT Senior Instructor

Current Teaching Level: Up to GP

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 1987

Taught by: Arthur Kottas, Charles De Kunnffy, Herwig Radnetter, Klaus Balkenhol

Influenced by: The above

Familiar with the teachings of the following:

  • Podhajsky
  • Decarpentry
  • Wynmalen
  • Seunig
  • Oliveira

Other Authorities:

Schoolmasters: No

Base and Facilities: No

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: Yes

Willing to Freelance: I do freelance

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes. Have taught in USA, NZ and Ireland

Insurance: NFU

Complaints: None

Interpretation of "Classical": Classical is the way of working with the horse, to enhance his physical and mental wellbeing. It is the way to help him find the means to improve upon what nature has already given to amplify the gaits and to do so without force. It also entails educating the rider to first find balance on a moving horse and then to refine the aiding as far as possible.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes


Baileys Keep Calm CRC 300 x 150


SEIB Insurance