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Classical Riding and the Classical Riding Club by Sylvia Loch - Founder

The term classical riding has, of late, become something of a catch phrase. It is on the lips of the great and the good, it is also bandied about by the uninitiated. Unfortunately, too many think it is some sort of cop out - riding around with loose reins and allowing the horse to move in any sort of outline. In fact, properly done this could not be further from reality. The truth is there is nothing new or innovative about classical riding. It is about discipline and real understanding of how the horse is put together, both morphologically and psychologically.


"A book that changed my life"

"A book that changed my life"  A personal tribute to Sylvia Loch by Giovanni Battista Tomassini


The Rollkur Debate

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Sylvia Loch and the CRC has been very proactive over the years re it's objections to the practice of rollkur as an exercise or modus operandi  for the training of horses of all disciplines.

After many petitions and appeals to the FEI, we believed the practice to have been discredited. It is now abundantly clear that the use of this brutal form of training is still rife throughout the equestrian world.  As a result we are republishing these editorials and notes from the past for those who may never have seen them before.  It also illustrates how much we all tried in the past.

Once again CRC is committed to its 2015  campaign to stop this brutal practice.

Sylvia Loch

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Our Proud Horses - Our Heritage - Time to Act

"Horses all over the world are suffering. Shockingly, I refer to the current plight of the ridden horse. There are two threads to his story".  Article by Mike Robertshaw.


A Question of Terminology

During a Weight Aids Clinic some years ago in South Wales, one of the participants, herself a dressage teacher queried Sylvia's description of the rider’s inside leg position for shoulder-in.  In this article, Sylvia discusses the terminology.


Concerning Balance

Putting the Young Horse on the Aids – and Why Every Horse is Different

Extracts from the late Master Horseman Wilhelm Museler (died 1952)


Sensitive Schooling - Part 1

To school a horse with minimum effort, maximum effect, we must first understand some of the theory of riding. Sylvia Loch helps to understand this more through this article.


Sample CRC Newsletter

The Classical Riding Club's quarterly Newsletter has become one of the most important sources of reference over its 19 years for serious riders worldwide.  Here is just a sample of some of the articles we published each quarter but the original Newsletter (Autumn 2007) is actually 35 pages long.  Once you become a Member you may be amazed at the breadth and depth of this magazine and also its erudite contributors, some of whom are household names.  It also contains Readers Letters, A Question & Answer Forum, Editorial by Sylvia and many other interesting features.

Although we no longer publish the newsletters on a quarterly basis, we still have back dated issues in the office, where the information in them is still as current as ever.  These can be purchased through the merchandise section of this website.


Sitting the Trot

Despite all the help available from magazines, books and top training clinics, sitting the trot is still a major obstacle for many.  In this article, Sylvia Loch discusses this obstacle in more detail.


Horse and Hound Correspondence

Sylvia Loch had a Letter published in Horse & Hound, 29th January 2009 –This is a copy of the letter and the response received from Richard Davison.

Sylvia and CRC think it is great that BD are now much more open to change than in the past and CRC has always been keen to share ideas for a more humane and classical system of Judging as laid out in our booklet “CRC Dressage – Making A Difference” This booklet can be ordered through the Merchandise section of our Website and in it you will get a much clearer picture of how a different system of awarding marks could totally revolutionise the way in which dressage is perceived today. More important than that, further implementation of our Rules would bring back the idea of promoting the lightness, relaxation and happiness of the horse as well as the correct gaits for all future competitors. I know we are not the only organisation who are keen to do this and there are many in BD who should be congratulated in what they are doing to make the sport more accessible and friendly to all



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