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The Rider's Balance

Sylvia Loch's new book

"Finally, a book dedicated solely to how to sit on a horse. Thank goodness. Horses everywhere must be sighing with relief at the arrival of this wonderful book by Sylvia, the incredible horsewoman.

Quite possibly all that is wrong is the rider inadvertently sitting wrongly. If the rider doesn’t understand how their weight impacts on the horse, how can they possibly hope to achieve any productive relationship?

What is contained in the pages of this book is something that all serious riders should take on board. Sylvia explains so well about the finer art of feel, something which is difficult to put into words and which is helped by the beautiful colour photographs.

This is a book I will read again and again, one that I will use to gain a greater understanding of my riding. I know my riding and awareness will improve no end because of this knowledge.

Anyone who has struggled with their training will find this book gives them that EUREKA moment of understanding.”

Jacqui Louise Broderick - reviewer for Horse & Hound.

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