CRC & Tracking-up

Tracking Up CoverFor many years the Classical Riding Club successfully published a hard copy Magazine, - from 1996 to 2008 to be precise - but when printing stopped, the magazine was sorely missed by our Members. So when quarterly publication Tracking-up magazine offered to join forces with us and allocate 6 pages dedicated solely to The Classical Riding Club, we naturally jumped at the chance.

Tracking-up is available either as a traditionally printed magazine, ideal for readers preferring this format, or for those who like to do their reading via a handheld device, it is also available to purchase in digital format.

Tracking-up's main topics are effective, humane riding and schooling for all disciplines, classical equitation, care and management, veterinary and equine science, and equine behaviour, psychology and learning. Others may include the latest research and development, comment and opinion, in-depth book and DVD reviews, book extracts, and conference reports. The articles are educational, absorbing, enlightening and thought-provoking. It is designed to suit everyone no matter their level of experience, who rides or is involved in with horses and ponies.  The 6 page CRC segment will always contain at least one article from Sylvia discussing current topics, as well as many other fascinating articles from other CRC friends.  The CRC segment of the magazine is also published in our Library on this website, so that friends of The Classical Riding Club can access them.



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