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The classical principles of the Old Masters have been handed down for centuries, encouraging empathy with our friend the horse and 'Harmony In Horsemanship'.  Many equestrians realise that there is 'a kinder way to ride', but do not know where to look for such help and guidance.

Therefore, CRC has compiled a Directory of some who are able to proffer such instruction and tuition.  All Trainers listed have reaffirmed their commitment to the CRC Charter, which embodies the very ethos of the classical ideals. Whilst the majority of those listed within the Directory are from the UK,  there are some Overseas entries.

As well as the all important contact details, additional information such as experience, taught by, influenced by, schoolmasters, base & facility, clinics/freelance, insurance details and 'interpretation of classical' enable the reader to make an informed decision with regards to which Trainer to approach.

As with all Club publications, it should be noted that the CRC Trainers Directory remains purely an informational tool.  Indeed, there are many kind and understanding trainers (many of whom may not even call themselves ‘classical’!) who can help and guide you along this worthwhile path of achievement... if you find any of these gems, please be sure to introduce them to CRC!


If you would you like to be added to the Trainers' Directory, there is a one-off fee of £12.50. To be added click here:


Whilst this list is maintained in all good faith by the club for the benefit of the visitors to the website, CRC are unable to vet or approve individuals or their entries.  Anyone taking advantage of these details, should therefore be prepared to make their own checks and judgements prior to any consultation.

  • Ms Carole Curley

    Number of Years Experience: 10

    Interpretation of Classical : To me, classical means educating the horse physically and mentally so that he can be relaxed and happy in his work. This means teaching riders to train with knowledge of correct biomechanics and kind and positive methods.


  • Miss Eva Marunova

    Number of Years Experience: 6 years (since 2011)

    Interpretation of Classical : A logical approach to training of horses and riders with horse welfare as the top priority. A system of training which takes into account biomechanics of the horse’s movement and teaches riders how to move with the horse in balance and with softness. Correct training, with no shortcuts or gadgets, takes time for both horses and riders hence patience and commitment to continuous self-improvement is required from both classical riders and trainers.


  • Mrs Amanda Mullins

    From Hampshire

    Number of Years Experience: 27

    Interpretation of Classical : To ride with an open ever learning, listening and understanding attitude without force allows the horse to develop naturally, and as a result far more beautifully.


  • Ms Julia Alemany Bird

    From Cambridgeshire From Leicestershire From Norfolk From Rutland

    Number of Years Experience: Teaching since 1991

    Interpretation of Classical : To me it simply means' good riding' with your horse as teacher, following a path that allows communication, subtlety and lightness to continually develop between horse & rider to produce a partnership of harmony & beauty.


  • Miss Gillian Higgins

    From Derbyshire From Gloucestershire From Leicestershire From Nottinghamshire

    Number of Years Experience: 2004

    Interpretation of Classical : Understanding equine anatomy and biomechanics - how the horse works - helps us to ride in harmony with the horse and train for the good of the horse. A good knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics explains the methods of classical riding.


  • Ms Maddi Burchell

    From Kent

    Number of Years Experience: 2005

    Interpretation of Classical : To me \\\"Classical\\\" means harmony, lightness, balance and beauty . Classical training is is taking each horse as an individual and with time, patience and love, enhancing that horses natural attributes (both physical and mental)


  • Ms Claire Whitfield

    From Lancashire

    Number of Years Experience: 2009

    Interpretation of Classical : Classical is the truth. Classical evolves a horse's relationship with its rider into something pure, trusting, beautiful and harmonious. Two spirited individuals joining together to work as one.


  • Mrs Sue Rotheram

    From Isle of Man

    Number of Years Experience: **

    Interpretation of Classical : Harmony and partnership through understanding. I believe we have a duty to our horses to use our own bodies in the best possible way.


  • Mrs Alison Craig

    From Surrey

    Number of Years Experience: 1976

    Interpretation of Classical : Every Horse is an individual, so is every rider. With classical training, they can learn to work softly, correctly and expressively together producing a joyful picture and a wonderful feeling of lightness, suppleness, power and freedom.


  • Mrs Mary Yiannoullou

    From Essex

    Number of Years Experience: 1987

    Interpretation of Classical : Adhering to unchanging and traditional teachings based on simplicity and harmony with the purpose of aspiring to excellence.



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