Amanda Mullins

Mrs Amanda Mullins

Park Lane, Twyford
SO21 1QU

Mobile No: 07801 409754
Email: Amandaemullins@yahoo.co.uk

Years Experience Teaching: 27

Years Experience Riding: 43

Qualifications: ABRSITA

Current Teaching Level: Retired

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 2001

Taught by: Julian Marczak, Shirley Renowden, Mario de Mendoca, John Lassetter

Influenced by: Nuno

Familiar with the teachings of the following:

  • Podhajsky
  • Oliveira

Other Authorities: My instructors as listed above

Schoolmasters: Yes

Base and Facilities: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: Outdoor

Willing to Freelance: No

Willing to Travel Abroad: No

Insurance: Third party

Complaints: None

Interpretation of "Classical": To ride with an open ever learning, listening and understanding attitude without force allows the horse to develop naturally, and as a result far more beautifully.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes


Baileys Keep Calm CRC 300 x 150


SEIB Insurance