Trudi Dempsey

Mrs Trudi Dempsey

Holland’s Orchard
Over Stratton
Somerset TA13 5LQ

Mobile No: 07980 274202
​Email: trudidempsey@btinternet.com

Website: www.equinetrainingandbehaviourist.com

Years Experience Teaching: 25 years

Years Experience Riding: 53

Qualifications: None current

Current Teaching Level: Novice to Medium

Involved in Classical Equitation and training since: 30 years

Taught by: Inger Bryant, Penny Hillsdon

Influenced by: Waldemar Seunig, Nuno Oliveira, Udo Berger, Anya Beran, Richard Watjen, HML Van Shaik, Sylvia Loch

Familiar with the teachings of the following: 

  • Podhajsky
  • Decarpentry
  • Wynmalen
  • Seunig
  • Oliveira

Other Authorities:

Schoolmasters: No

Base and Facilities: No

Indoor or Outdoor Arena: No

Willing to Freelance: Only freelance

Willing to Travel Abroad: Yes

Insurance: Dressage instruction with Shearwater Insurance, Behaviour consultations and training with Balens.

Complaints: None

Interpretation of "Classical": Classical dressage considers the whole horse (mental and physical), it is a system of gymnastic training that encourages the horse to be light, supple and strong enough to carry us. In a world that expects fast results this systematic gymnastic work allows a horse to carry itself with elegance and to perform movements that are seen when the horse moves at liberty under its own energies. Classical training develops the true ability to dance together as a partnership with a lightness that can truly be called art.

Agreed to the CRC Charter: Yes


Baileys Keep Calm CRC 300 x 150


SEIB Insurance