Sensitive Schooling I – The Gaits Bend & Transitions


Sensitive Schooling will break down many barriers and answer many question for many riders. We see this as being revolutionary in its educational value, but it’s also a great way of having fun with your horse!


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Product Description

Sensitive Schooling is a complete training package designed for people working at home with their own horse. Whilst this stunningly filmed DVD will assist many instructors in helping their pupils, it is primarily aimed at all riders of all disciplines working, unaided. Given the tools of firm guidelines, biomechanical 'reasons why' and a clear, logical approach, the horse - any horse - will blossom!

The first in the series The Gaits, Bend & Transitions (Volume l) contains hours of live footage, working with the younger or novice horse. How many people say "My horse hates schooling!"? Not any more! This DVD shows how to make schooling pleasureable as well as logical to all types and breeds of horse. By introducing the appropriate exercises, every horse can now develop the correct muscles and exercise the required joints so that he becomes more athletic and malleable.

Now, using latest technology, proven classical training technique is brought within the grasp of the general rider. Interactively, the viewer can -

  • CLICK ONTO SUBMENUS - to see how other riders and their horses cope..
  • ACCESS HOT SPOTS - to learn the exercises and see WHY they work.....
  • VISUALISE AND CONSOLIDATE - through animation and pictures of how it should look.....
  • RIDE ALONG WITH SYLVIA as she works her young horse through 6 live unedited sequence of real life schooling..... from beginning to end.

All DVDs are in PAL format.